1-on-1 Coaching

Your Direct Line to the World’s Top Speakers

Our customized coaching packages are the ideal service offering for the expert intent on accelerating momentum and reducing time to impact. You will work directly with ImpactEleven to create a custom plan for growth that includes project milestones, check-ins, updates, accountability, problem solving, progress reviews and access to industry perspective that is simply unmatched.

Our 1-on-1 coaching is an ultra-focused sprint of learning that leads to lightspeed progress. But what about a month later, or two months, or six months into your climb toward maximum impact as an expert?

I cannot imagine being in this business without a coach.

Ryan Estis

Having a 1-on-1 coach is the catalyst to create massive breakthroughs in this business. The best performance artists in the world rely on coaching to continue to get better. Your coach is your teammate, confidant, counselor and connection between where you are today and where you are going into the future.

Get feedback, get inspiration, and get guidance that’s personalized to your evolving goals on a regular basis with your ImpactEleven coach.

Why 1-on-1 Coaching?

  • Ongoing access to a source of continuous learning and leveling-up of your skills
  • Craft and refine your positioning to attract higher fees and more engagements
  • Create high-quality websites, demo videos, professional photos, and other key marketing assets
  • Write compelling marketing copy, official bios, and speaking topics proven to make an impact
  • Launch or relaunch to the speaker bureau community
  • Develop a high impact launch or re-launch strategy
  • Refine and craft a memorable and breathtaking keynote speech
  • Set, adjust, and boost your keynote speaking fees
  • Arrange vital support from speaker managers, bureau representatives, and back-office assistants
  • Fine-tune your stage skills to boost impact and financial results
  • Master the art of story-telling and learn the performance skills of legends
  • A sounding board for feedback, fears, frustrations, and how to break through it all to accomplish your goals

Ready to learn more?

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