The ImpactEleven Boost

What Could an Investment in ImpactEleven Training Mean for You?

Increase in Speaking Engagements
Increase in Speaking Fees
Total Revenue

Like any investment, investing in your own speaking career is about maximizing your return. Use the calculator below to find out just how much an investment in a ImpactEleven Bootcamp can multiply your future potential.

Your Current Speaking Business

Share a snapshot of your business. Enter the total number of keynotes you've delivered and the average fee you've achieved over the past 12 months.

Your Boosted Projections

So if you do the work and your performance is merely average, you’ll enjoy:

11 more bookings, at $3420 more per engagement, for a total revenue boost of $176,044.

Just in the next 12 MONTHS.

While the calculations above are based on actual, historical average performance increases in the 12-month period following a visit to Bootcamp, individual results will vary based on several factors including your work ethic, topic area, experience, and stage skills. The above calculation is an estimate, not a guarantee of your specific results.

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