Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia based rock band, IMPACT ELEVEN,  defy being pigeonholed, and celebrate the fact that each of their songs tells a story and in a style all its own.

The band was born of a need to write and perform original music across multiple genres.  Catch any of their live performances and you'll find them moving seamlessly from alternative rock, to blues, to metal, to ballads, to you name it.  Yet it all manages to sound cohesive.  

All four band members contribute to the natural flow of their songwriting and strive for their compositions to have memorable themes that stand on their own, yielding an unmistakable musical foundation for their compelling lyrics.  For the band, it's all about the song.  

The band 's debut  EP was released in August 2017, entitled See You There and is available on Bandcamp and through the band.   Their follow up album is currently ready to be recorded and will hopefully be released in the fall of 2019.  The title track from their upcoming album entitled This Time Around will be available, as a single, in the near future.




From Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia, Brad was born into a long lineage of talented musicians. Brad’s idol and inspiration for becoming a musician was his paternal grandfather who’s musical ability and versatility was more than impressive, skillfully playing the piano, fiddle and guitar. In fact, it had been said by many there wasn’t an instrument his grandfather couldn’t pick up and play. As a young child, ‘Grampy’ undoubtedly captured Brad’s undivided attention, while playing with his other musical friends, at his many kitchen parties and at the family camper every summer. 

Even closer than his grandfather's influence, Brad's father, who also inherited the family's musical talent, played an integral part in Brad's music passion.  Brad and his father spent countless hours over the years jamming together in his living room and still don't miss an opportunity to do it today.  You might even catch 'Dad' on stage at a live performance playing a tune or two with the band.

Brad picked up drumsticks for the first time in junior high to play in the school band. From there, he never looked back.  He bought his first set of drums at 15 and sat with headphones on for endless hours learning his favorite songs until he mastered each one. Although Brad chose drums to focus his musical talent on, he also inherited his grandfather’s versatility, he can also play a variety of instruments. 

Brad moved on in his early 20’s to form a country band named Light It Up with his childhood friend TJ King. They played local bars and events for a few years but Brad’s passion wasn’t country, it was rock.  With his musical influences being Mudvayne, Slipknot, Ozzy, Pink Floyd, etc, he couldn’t help being drawn from the country genre back into rock. 

In 2013, Brad randomly met his current band mates, Cullen and Elliot and joined their already formed band, IMPACT ELEVEN as their drummer.  The trio, all being talented songwriters, continually write many originals and perform them as well as popular cover tunes, at local bars, private events and festivals.


From Centrelea, Nova Scotia, Cullen first picked up a guitar when he was around 5 years old.  While it was just a toy, he would not put it down. Even listening to the radio, he fell in love with picking out the different instruments and wanting to learn more about them.

His mom got him his first real guitar around age 8. She took him to guitar lessons once a week for a few months just to learn simple chords.  After a trip to Los Angeles, Cullen met a family member from Washington who instantly recognized Cullen had a natural talent for understanding music. Knowing his mother did not have much money the family member gave him $1000 for guitar lessons. This is where he met his teacher Caleb Miles.  

Cullen spent a year with Caleb learning guitar. He learned styles like Stevie Ray Vaughan but wanted to play more heavy music after hearing bands like Black Sabbath and Black Label Society. He got an electric guitar soon after hearing Zakk Whylde and became obsessed with lead guitar leading to his passion and talent to grow immensely. 

Cullen formed a band with Jesse Giffin and Elliot Giffin named the Flying Stones (later Impact Eleven).  After a few years, Jesse left but Elliot and Cullen continued to record songs. They both moved to Halifax where Cullen randomly met a drummer named Brad Peverill. Cullen and Brad clicked instantly and continue to ‘click’ 7 years later in IMPACT ELEVEN.  


Born in Windsor, Ontario but residing in Nova Scotia for the past 18 years, Devon is a multi-instrumentalist in both guitar and keys. Devon first learned guitar at the age of 12 after listening to his cousin play. Devon would just sit in the hallway with his cousin listening to him play the guitar and that's when he knew he wanted to learn. Devon's mother was a classical pianist as well. That played a huge part in having the "ear" for picking up notes and keys so quickly.

Devon has had experience in multiple bands such as Division of Self (where he was lead vocalist and rythym guitarist), Dali Van Gogh (keys and backup vocals), Nostalgia Scarred (lead vocals) and now IMPACT ELEVEN! He loves the professionalism and talent this group has to offer and can't wait for what's to come!


Jaad Stewart is a multi instrumentalist hailing from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. He is currently based out of Halifax and is lending his bass playing chops to IMPACT ELEVEN.

Jaad spent his formative years playing drums, but slowly picking up other instruments along the way. Using the combined talents he has learned the various aspects of instrumentation in song writing.

He has been a part of such projects as The Blackrats, Musical Affair, Dali Van Gogh and Sinful Bride.

He is excited to be a part of IMPACT ELEVEN and to create some amazing music.