Our Mission

The ImpactEleven mission is simple: to put talented people with a powerful message in position to make an impact on the world.

Each member of the ImpactEleven team was once just someone who believed they had a message and experiences that could transform businesses, industries, and lives. Answering that call to the platform, we’ve been fortunate to impact millions of people for the better and changed our own lives along the way. It wasn’t easy— it’s never easy. But through our collective experiences, both at every step of the journey and in our ongoing careers today, we’ve developed a system for launching, growing and scaling a speaking career that maximizes potential and minimizes wasted time, effort, money, and missed opportunities.

No one can guarantee success as an expert or professional speaker. What we can do is invite people with unlimited potential to join our community and discover resources they won’t find anywhere else, including a community that provides a complete road map that will guide you toward a fulfilled and successful career on your terms.

Yes, we teach the nuts and bolts of monetizing expertise, from stage presence, sales, business plans, blueprints and creative services that will help establish credibility and drive business growth. But the impact of ImpactEleven is so much more than that. We invite you to join this tribe and navigate the journey of creating impact with us. We truly are better together.

It’s your story. It’s our deepest privilege to help you share it with the world.