About Us

From the moment you register for Bootcamp, sign up for 1-on-1 coaching, or join the ImpactEleven community, you’re no longer alone on your journey to making an impact.

Meet the founding partners who have been where you are and are ready to help guide you to the places you’ve always dreamed of reaching. These are the masters behind ImpactEleven.

Ryan Estis

What does Meetings & Conventions magazine have to say about Ryan Estis? Only that he’s one of their “best keynote speakers ever heard.”

But more important than his accolades is the impact Ryan makes for clients from AT&T and Adobe to the NBA, Lowes, Thomson Reuters, and countless others. He even regularly publishes his own original research on sales and leadership trends. Now, he brings his scientific approach to a career building system that’s already transforming lives and careers across the ImpactEleven community.

Ryan is driven to transform potential into power and ambition into action for experts of all backgrounds.

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Seth Mattison

Love people. Serve people. Add value. Have fun. This has been Seth Mattison’s guiding mission throughout his career as an internationally recognized thought leader, advisor, and top-rated keynote speaker on leadership and the future of work. Now, Seth is bringing his passion for adding value to ImpactEleven as a member of our superstar coaching and leadership team.

Seth has stood onstage with his message of transformation for thousands of business leaders around the globe and brands that include IBM, GE, The Walt Disney Company, Mastercard, and many more.

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Josh Linkner

Josh started his first business in 1981— selling fireworks to other kids at his school — and he’s been a creative troublemaker ever since. He’s launched and sold five companies for a total of over $200 million, hired nearly 10,000 people, served on 80+ corporate boards, written four books, and become an expert on human innovation that inspires audiences around the globe. He’s the world’s #1 speaker on innovation, booking hundreds of events a year and earning seven figures annually. He launched ImpactEleven to create a community of support and a career-propelling system for experts everywhere.

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Peter Sheahan

Peter Sheahan is all about accelerating growth. His own companies have helped brands like Apple, Chick-fil-A, and AT&T do it, his keynote messages have helped thousands of business leaders do it, and now he’s here to help members of the ImpactEleven community do it with their careers as experts and speakers.

Peter has delivered more than 3,000 presentations in over 40 countries, and along the way he’s published seven books and built three global companies on the principles he brings to ImpactEleven.

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